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Medical SEO Services

SEO Blog About Skills SEO for Medical Practices

Medical SEO Services

Medical SEO Services, tips, and tutorials for Healthcare practices, Doctors, Dentists, Orthodontists and other Businesses, We can Optimize your Clinics, Hospitals Websites or even you can find a lot of information in here on how to do that yourself.

You know that when you are a medical doctor you don't have enough time to start optimizing your website even though you know or you have heard that is important to grow your overall patient base.

You want to be more easily found on the internet because that is very important for your medical practice because of patients now search for answers on the internet for their health problems or even out of curiosity.

But when they search on the internet and you are nowhere to be found therefore you don't stand a chance to increase patients at your clinic, hospital, etc...

Therefore you need a very strong Medical SEO strategy for your website so that potential patients can find you as a medical professional.

Even your existing patients ask for answers online all the time and you should be doing search engine optimization so that you can retain patients and prevent them from turning to your competitors for information.

Your website should serve as a valuable educational resource.

You should also optimize your social media strategy and content marketing.

SEO for Healthcare Practices

Medical Marketing is a part of internet marketing that is focused on increasing your visibility on the internet with different marketing methods, such as search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media, etc...

This website and blog are owned by Burim Bekteshi, who is a medical student on the last year of studies of medicine and who also works for years now as an SEO freelancer.

Burim Bekteshi is also certified in SEO, Content Marketing and Mobile Websites Optimization from Google. HubSpot, SEMrush, etc...

As a medical student and with experience in healthcare internet marketing, he is definitively your trusted person as a freelance consultant.

Use our contact page to contact us or click "Hire me" button for a consultation.

Our SEO Skills

We have many SEO skills that can be very valuable to you for optimizing your medical practice's website

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